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Are you ready to reach the people in your community and see your church grow? You're in the right place!


What's Inside?

Inside The Church Marketing Masterclass You'll Learn...

  • How to Deploy the Idiot-proof, Can't Miss Master Marketing Equation In Your Church
  • Step By Step Facebook Ads Training - Go from ZERO to HERO
  • How To Write Ad Copy So Good It's Like Cheating...
  • The FREE Tools I Use To Create AMAZING Ads
  • How To Create A Perfect Pre-Attender Pathway For Your Church
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Tactics: Pixel, Custom Audiences, Lookalikes, and Retargeting
  • How to Build a Momentum Engine in Your Church: Growth That Pays For Itself
  • How To Cast Vision and Fundraise Your Marketing Budget
  • How To Create Websites That Work
  • $0 Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Low-Cost/High-Impact Marketing Campaigns
  • How to Run A Double Your Church in A Day Campaign
  • Ad Template Vault (You can copy/steal all my best stuff!)

+ 3 Amazing Bonuses! 

  1. (Audio Course) 10 Reasons People Don't Come Back To Your Church (And What You Can Do About It!)
  2. Ultimate Email for Churches Course (ConvertKit Training)
  3. FREE access to the Church Marketing Masterclass Ninjas group! 



A step by step, proven marketing strategy you can implement in your church right away!


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Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Here's what a few kind people have to say.

"Jake's the real deal. As a brand new church plant, he helped coach us into a Grand Opening Sunday of 220 people, and we're in a smallish town (under 40k). His marketing, facility, personnel and service advice saved us thousands of dollars and years of hard work, plus the personal grief of slow growth. Jake never gave the impression that slick marketing tactics took precedence over prayer and guidance, but he used the tools available to make a splash in a city, to clearly present what our church is about, and to leverage the power of t.v., social, and other media to attract new visitors...and it worked! Additionally, the same strategies we used to launch are reusable; we're able to create more buzz and multiply our rate of growth for years to come!"

Aaron and Dani
Lead Pastors

"Jake has helped coach me on strategically planning my Sundays and my marketing to increase growth, momentum, and a family atmosphere. His knowledge and encouragement have been priceless as we have planted and established our church."

Chris Zauner
Lead Pastor

"Pastor Jake is blessed with the ability and foresight to build an effective and efficient marketing plan for local churches. From building the initial name awareness to implementing strategic and targeted methods to grow niche markets, he’s able to bring it all together in a cohesive and impactful way. His passion for God’s church, church growth and his endurance to stay the course marketing wise has led to a high level of success, which he can pass along to your church if you partner with him. I highly recommend it."

David Fenley
Marketing/Advertising Fox TV

"Working with Jake on our recent marketing campaign proved really successful! Jake helped us clarify our goals and figure out a marketing pipeline to bring in new students."

Internship Director


Jake loves helping churches grow! In addition to pastoring, he equips and encourages other leaders with the best strategies available to reach first-time visitors and see their churches break barriers. He is a successful church planter, known for innovative growth strategies and outside the box thinking stemming from a heart to reach people for Christ. Jake has a Master's Degree in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics which makes him uniquely qualified to connect with the questions and objections that stop unchurched people from going to church.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lifetime access to all current and future masterclass content. There are already 8 modules and over 70 action-packed lessons in the Masterclass. 
  • Access to the Church Marketing Masterclass Ninjas group.
  • 10 Reasons People Don't Come Back To Your Church Audio Course.
  • Ultimate Email For Churches Course.

There are currently 70+ lessons divided into 8 modules! New content is also presented in the exclusive Church Marketing Masterclass Ninjas group and added to the class. 

Honest answer. I have no idea. It depends on too many factors outside of my control. What I can say is that you will reach more people and get visitors if you follow the steps and strategies I teach in the class! 

I get it! Money doesn't grow on trees. You want to know...is this worth it? 

Short Answer: Absolutely! 

Long Answer: Still absolutely!

But here's why.

Probably the most helpful way to assess the value of the course is what impact it will have on your bottom line mission and vision. Last time I checked, our mission as the church is to MAKE DISCIPLES! That's pretty hard to do if you're not reaching any new people.

This class will help you accomplish just that. Reach people. Plain and simple. Think about the money pastors and leaders spend on conferences and seminars. It's A LOT! And what you end up with is a "Frankenchurch" of various ideas, models, and strategies!

The Church Marketing Masterclass teaches a cohesive strategy and provides the step by step training you need to deploy it in your church. 

With a conference, you're either scrambling to take notes or slapping down a few hundo to buy the recordings. Ugh.

This class gives you the strategy and tactics in one spot AND your content will be right here waiting for you whenever you need it! 

Is it worth it?


I truly believe you will be! It is my goal to always over deliver on value! But, if you're not 100% satisfied with the course in the first 30 days just send me an email at: jake@jacobschmelzer.com and I will give you a refund.

Just to be clear:

It's a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No risk!

Don't worry! You can shoot me an email anytime at jake@jacobschmelzer.com with any questions you may have and I'll get back to you ASAP. In addition, you'll have access to the Church Marketing Masterclass Ninjas group where you can ask questions and see what other ninjas are up to. You won't be alone!

Yes there will be! I will be adding new content and revising lessons as needed to keep the class evergreen. I'll also be regularly posting in the CMM Ninjas group.

No problem! Whenever there's a technical portion of the class I provide step by step walkthroughs so you can literally just copy what I do. 

Don't let tech slow you down! 

Also, you've got access to the CMM Ninjas group so you can get help from your more techie friends who are the same journey! 

Last but not least, I'm always standing by at jake@jacobschmelzer.com to answer any of your questions.

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You'll get instant access to the Church Marketing Masterclass + Bonuses!


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No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the Church Marketing Masterclass within 30 days of purchase just send an email to jake@jacobschmelzer.com and I'll refund your payment.


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